Monday, February 17, 2014

Punish those who stage Strikes

Punish anyone who stages strike: MP ‘Bonus demand of oil sector workers not due’
KUWAIT CITY, Feb 8, (Agencies): MP Hamad Seif has said the demand of oil sector personnel for special bonus is not due. He called for the concerned authority to punish anyone who stages a strike in the vital sector, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. He cited a huge difference between the salaries of oil sector employees and those of the employees in other sectors, stressing “there’s is need to ensure justice and equality in the salaries of personnel in all sectors”.
He pointed out that some political blocs have been encouraging the syndicates of oil sector to conduct the strike to gain more privileges, but the trend is unacceptable because it forms a huge gap between the salaries of oil sector employees and other sectors. “Although it is important to support the oil sector and grant its employees incentives, as oil industry is the key source of the nation’s income, reasonable actions should be taken without straining the State’s budget”, he noted.
With reference to the proposed increment to children and rent allowances, MP Seif said it’s important for the parliament and the government to find a unanimous solution to the two files in the current period. He also said the need for the parliament to take a new approach in handling citizen-related issues far away from stubbornness and confrontation, because the trend has become useless in recent times as it leads to escalation between the two authorities and provokes chaos in the country.
It's nice to know the employees would consider striking when majority of them get paid to do nothing. Some "senior" staff employees don't even know how to print out their emails and they are originally Western women who married a Kuwaiti yet they have no idea of how to work their outlook and get paid 3500 KD or more to do it.
Some citizen admin staff can't work a copy machine and has no knowledge of how to open up a filing cabinet so they use the FN staff to do it for them, that is of course when they show up for work. There was a female who was present at work 86 days out of a year. People can't even get into the oil companies unless they have wasta as they know it's the best paying company for the least amount of work and they don't get penalized.
Bogus courses, trips to Dubai for training they know they will never use here and all of the other perks for doing nothing. They rely on the contractor expat staff to do the work and they collect the rewards and they threaten to strike, well that doesn't mean too much, the company already works on minimal staff. Just sayin'

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