Sunday, February 2, 2014

Western women bashing Again!

Here comes another story bashing Western women who marry Arabs from Muna Al-Fuzai, Kuwait Times. According to Muna Western women are coming in groves to Kuwait to snatch unsuspecting Kuwaiti and or Arab men.

"This is the latest trend in marriages in Kuwait among expatriate women and Arab Muslim men! I'm not against mixed marriages, especially if each party has his or her own agenda to hook themselves to a stranger into a serious bond like marriage.

The Islamic marriage goes this way - the female is a Christian woman in her late forties, fifties or above with no family back home or a spouse waiting. The male is Kuwaiti or Arab man. The man, of course, has been married once if not several times.

For them, it is an easygoing marriage in which they don't have to spend much money and fulfills their fantasies of getting married to a Western woman with blue eyes an blonde hair.

In fact, the men feel they are undertaking a noble mission because these women convert to Islam in order to marry these Muslim men. Men feel proud, and the women could not find a better source to cover their expenses, needs and a secure shelter in case she is lucky to get pregnant and have a baby.

According to some sources, these women are most likely HOMELESS back home and BROKE. So they use Islam to solve their personal troubles. And this is why I reject and deny these marriages.

In fact, most of these men, especially Kuwaiti, don't reveal their marriages with these women o their families and first, second and possible third wives.

The fact that these women accept to stand inline with other women shows how DESPERATE they are and I can't blame the man because legally he is permitted to have four wives, but ethically I have never witnessed any successful marriage of this kind, Arabs or likewise." (link)

Who the hell made her judge and jury? So Western women are homeless and the only way to save themselves is to find a Kuwaiti or Arab man to save them? What kind of BS is she talking about? Why doesn't she talk about the KUWAITI MEN who are online looking for women while their wives have no idea or that KUWAITI men marry because their mother wants to see his children before she dies so he marries the first woman picked for him and ends up divorcing her or cheating on her because he doesn't love her. What about the Kuwaiti men who take advantage of divorced women by marrying them just so they can get a house and end up dumping them after they get it. Don't get me started!

She goes on to say this kind of stress leads to many mental illnesses and more stress on the man who may then put pressure on his kids or other wives. She also thinks there is a regulation about KUWAITI men who marry non- Kuwaitis. Oh PALEEEEZ!

I don't know if it's jealousy or envy?


  1. More like 'ignorance'. There is a perception in the Arab world that western girls are all whores\immoral (vs the virginal pure, obedient Arab girls). The fact that a lot of us don't wear a ton of makeup and follow the latest Arab fashions make many assume we are poor! There is also a trend for Arab girls to marry later & so many are stressing over the unmarried girls in their families (remember once they are past 25 they are past their sell by date in many eyes) so looking for anything or anyone to blame!!

  2. LOL, that woman is crazy. Of course, I do know women like the women she is writing about, looking to marry rich Arabs/Khaleejis. But they usually end up in bad situations since the men who look to just marry shallowly converted girls aren't serrious husbands. I agree with everything you wrote.

    And I know SO MANY successful mixed marriages. I have more than 20 examples of women from my personal aquiantence, married 5-10 years OR MORE. Most of the women were Muslim years before they married, or never converted. Some of them never had children. I think I am the ONLY second wife (most are not divorced---the men---and it is their first and only marriage). LOL. All of us know our inlaws. Some of live with our Mother-in-laws. Most of us work, and some of us make more money at our jobs than our men. Maybe she is jealous?

    But what she argues (kind of) can happen I guess. Though that isn't good journalism by any means.

  3. I also know many women still married to their Kuwaiti husbands and are in Kuwait after their husbands passed away. I guess she thinks Arab men are angels and can do no wrong. Smh.. I think what bothered me the most was saying Western women are poor! Little does she know money can buy everything but class and that is what lacks in this country. If my ordering online from WalMart makes me poor so be it, yeehaw! The person makes the clothing, not the other way around! OP I really want visit Oman again! Hope you and your family are doing well.

  4. oh dear...This Muna chick is in her own little... little.. world. I guess anyone can be a journalist in Kuwait.... sad.

  5. The article is not on the front page today so maybe they removed it because it angered some people.

  6. it is still there, as it was published yesterday, you cant see it on the front page

  7. I'm sure it's still there but usually her posts stay on the front page for a couple days.

  8. I'm having a hard time even believing this woman was serious when she wrote it. Either she is jealous, had a bad experience in her life related to this topic or she just wants more attention brought to her articles. I wasn't impressed.

  9. Crazy: I agree! Money totally can't buy class.

    I see that every day sadly.

    I am glad I don't experience that mentality here much with Omanis. I know Princes who are friends with painters;) and while both might envy each other's lives a little, both know money doesn't make one poor. Attitudes do.

    But again, I HAVE met women like the one she's described, but have met few men like the ones she's describing (who were Kuwaiti, Emirati, or Qatari). Omani guys and Saudi guys (and I don't know ANY Bahraini ones) have different issues with foreign marriages due to laws against the practice of marrying outside the country.

    If you come to Oman message me. I'd love to meet up. But do it well in advance because I usually get forwarded any emails meant for me super super late.

  10. Whoever wrote this article is crazy. Most American women are not broke.especially single women.we have spent our lives on a career and making money
    ..that's why we are single, no time to devote to a relationship. And we don't have to ever get married unless it is someone we really want to spend our lives with. Unlike some Arab countries that are so restrictive women have no option but to marry and have children. I am not Arab, but I admire and respect much of Arab culture. It is truly beautiful. I have dated a few Arab men. A couple were men I would have married if it were not for their female relatives, in both situations it was the mothers who dissaproved and interfered until it ended. One was Saudi,he is now married to an Arab girl and has children with her. He loves his children deeply, but he could care less about the wife..with her to please his family,always seeking the company of other women. The other is Kuwaiti, mother hated me. Now her son is with a women with no job, kids from another man, and all she does is spend his money. I on the other hand, am very intelligent, successful, and helped him start a business and to male it very profitable...but that wasn't good enough for his mother. I am also much more traditional and conservative than the average western woman. I loved him when he didn't have money for who he was. Now he has a tramp who is much younger and just wants him for his money. He also is a womanizer and always cheating, even though mommy thinks he is a saint and women are trash. Arab ladies, wake up and see the light. It has been my experience that a large number of your men do not even come close to living by the strict standards they place upon you. And they are all over the internet talking to western women.

  11. Oh wow! She definitely had a bad experience which made her write such an article.

    To change the mentality of the whole is impossible but it would be good to discuss mixed marriages and such issues rationally without judgement. People here should look at it from different views and talk openly with the couple involved.

    It really breaks my heart seeing couples seperate because of old traditions or social laws. And couples get married thinking that "love comes with time".

  12. Everyone is still trying to figure out why she is so angry, maybe she experienced it first hand or something. Her story only stayed up for one day then they replaced it with 3 new stories, I think the newspaper was like "oh wow we need to replace her ASAP" lol


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