Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olive Garden at Levels

My sister wanted me to finally try Olive Garden even though I really don't like pasta. We visited the new location at Levels in Mahboula. 

 The décor was alright but the seating kind of reminded me of Denny's instead of something more upscale.


The salad and bread sticks were awesome.
 My mother got the Mediterranean chicken dish and I ordered chicken parmesan which was delicious.
 The service was really bad, the staff were hard to find and you had to get up and find someone to bring napkins and refill the drinks. The cake I ordered was supposed to have mousse and chocolate ganache but after I ordered it the manager told us it was not imported but made locally. It was not that good and I wanted what was pictured. The tiramisu was also made locally and was so-so.
 My sister ordered the only item imported and it didn't turn out like it was supposed to, instead of puffy pastries she got flat doughy pieces of bread.

There is a Nestle, Café Bazza and Boccini also located in the complex.

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  1. feel bad about your bad experience but your last comment made me laugh "doughy pieces of bread". Thanks for your review, i myself planning to visit the one in Salmiya/Rumethiya branch. Let's see how it goes. I know it's a 10 months old post, will try to post my review, if possible.


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