Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cosmetic Surgery- Wow!

I was browsing IG and came across the account for @ahlamalshamsi and I couldn't believe what she looks like now! She has overdone her whole face, now she's looking more like the cat lady pictured below with her huge trout pout and narrow eyes. 
Cat Lady
Of course at some point almost all Arab singers male and female alike get something done at some point in their career.

I was shocked when I saw Ronaldo's face before he fixed it up.
 And then we have stories from China, this just proves that you never know what your children will look like if one of the parents has had cosmetic surgery!
No, it's not just make-up and contouring either! Take it from the Chinese guy's experience, be careful when marrying that 'perfect' woman, she probably isn't and worst case scenario she was born a man.


  1. Uf! was a disaster! all of them fell down the ugly tree and hit all the branches coming down!
    It's funny though because everyone in their inner circles are flat out liars....there's no way they could've replied "You look great!" with a straight face.
    This issue has become a disease and the people who do it are desperate and stupid. I feel sorry for them sometimes. I understand they want to remain looking young and that their appearance is paramount for their success, but this is counter productive.

  2. I was at a party in Kuwait once (first time/last time visiting the place). Was sitting watching all the Kuwaiti girls dancing and noticed that they all had the same breasts! Same size, same shape, same height.... Guess the same doctor.

    I dunno. I would probably have some plastic surgery done at some point (like when the girls are down around my knees) but I think some people go too far. How do these women know what they are going to look like post-surgery when they're 80?

    1. LOL!
      I agree to some degree. You're right......when those melons start to look like socks filled with sand, then maybe it's time to visit the Dr.
      But as for these other's ridiculous and sad.


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