Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pork in Abu Halaifa Restaurant

Pork found in Abu Hlaifa restaurant
KUWAIT: Ahmadi Municipality officers busted an unspecified amount of pork inside an Abu Hlaifa restaurant during a recent campaign. The meats were confiscated and referred to the investigation department. The restaurant’s owner was summoned for questioning.

From Another post:

Meanwhile, Ahmadi Municipality officials collaborated with their counterparts from the Ministry of Interior to confiscate and destroy a quarter kilogram of meat whose origin was unknown and some quantity of pork inside a restaurant in Abu Halifa. It has been reported the items were found in the basement being used as the central kitchen of the restaurant.
I wonder if it was one of the restaurants run by an American? Pork comes from Camp Arifjan, you can even buy a whole pig if you want. FYI people there is no alcohol being sold in the PX, the only illegal item would be pork, so if anyone attends an American bar-b-que be aware that pork may be cooked alongside your beef.


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