Monday, November 3, 2014

Janet Jackson toned down since marrying Wissam Al Mana

She's looking kind of sad there.
 She looked youthful in France just two years ago when she walked the carpet of an AIDS event in a cut-out white gown that accentuated her trim figure.
 But on Friday Janet Jackson was nearly unrecognizable as she attended a Vogue Fashion event in Dubai.With a puffier face and severely arched eyebrows, the 48-year-old sister of the late King Of Pop Michael Jackson looked quite different.

Gone was the Damita Jo singer's trademark dimples and cute smile.Instead, the Indiana native appeared morose and uncomfortable with a slight grimace as she was escorted through a crowd.
Her eyes said even more as she looked down while two hulking bodyguards stood behind her.
Even her eyebrows were off as they arched high above her lashes. (Arab style aka angry birds or Mr. Spock)

The pulled up locks worn in a I Dream Of Jeannie style also added to her different look.The change in her face may have just been due to a change in her weight.The normally svelte superstar - who came to fame in the eighties with such hits as 1986's Control and 1989's Escapade -  appears to have added a few pounds to her petite frame.

The Nasty singer covered up her body in a black dress that had long sleeves and a high neckline. A diamond necklace gave her some sparkle as did matching diamond stud earrings.The Why Did I Get Married? actress still cut a glamorous figure, however.She was following a man in a long white Ghotra and matching jacket.The beauty was escorted into the event by at least five guards, all of whom wore black suits and a serious expression. 
It looks like she's gone full Arabesque since she married Wissam. Come on Janet, not the eyebrows! Word of advice, stay away from all that rice and bread!


  1. There was a lot of talk of her divorcing his Qatari tuchus on the basis that she found him too constricting. Here's hoping it happens. She ought to hook up with her old Minneapolis partners, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and make quality music again. Sure she hasn't had a hit in 15 years but she needs to up the ante if she wants to make a proper comeback.

  2. Neither one of them are worth billions, she's lived the high life, no going back after that. He should divorce her and marry someone who hasn't passed their shelf life, she is hitting 50. He needs a younger wife who can have his kids.

  3. Hey hey hey, ageism is a terrible thing. Last I checked, he was a billionaire. (Googling) his net worth is 1 billion, does that make him a billionaire? Hahaha, does 1 billion make one a billionaire? I don't know what the rules are.

  4. I agree with Trail Mix - That was just a wee bit sexist sorry to say (because I love you). I'm SURE that if JJ wasn't happy and wanted out, she'd be out. She's smart and has the support of her family (wealthy or not). As for passing her shelf life - maybe neither of them want kids (?) You never know what goes on in someone's private life. Plenty of female singers (and others) who are "past their shelf life" and doing just fine. Tina Turner, Madonna, Oprah....

  5. I know.....but I wonder why does she look so unhappy? Tina Turner, Madonna are on a different level than JJ. Her husband still has 3 open wife slots anyways.

  6. Bad day maybe? Bad pair of panties? Dunno. Maybe she's put on weight again - and you just can't tell so much under the abaya.

  7. She looks happy in this one taken recently (although she's still wearing an abaya)


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