Thursday, November 13, 2014

Foreign wives treated as citizens in KSA

JEDDAH — The Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) has started receiving applications from expatriate mothers who have children with Saudi men to be issued with regular residence permits (iqamas) in accordance with a previous decision by the Council of Ministers.

Jawazat spokesman Lt. Col Ahmed Al-Lihaidan said the iqamas would be granted free of charge, without any need for a listed sponsor and for a validity of five years.

“According to the Cabinet decision, the regular iqamas will be issued to expatriate women with children from Saudi husbands whether they are still married, divorced or widowed,” he said.

The spokesman said the government will bear the iqama issuance fees but the woman has to prove that she is married to a Saudi man and has children with him.

Al-Lihaidan, however, did not explain what would happen to those with no children.

The spokesman said there is no age limit for the children of expatriate mothers wanting to be issued with regular iqamas.

“It is not a condition that the expatriate woman should be still married to her husband.

“Divorced and widowed women are also entitled to be given iqamas but will have to update their details every five years,” he said.

Under the decision of the Council of Ministers, non-Saudi women who are mothers of Saudi children will be given permanent iqamas in the Kingdom free of charge and without any sponsor.

According to the decision, these women can work for the private sector and will be considered as Saudi citizens in the Nitaqat program that enforces Saudization policies.

They will also be treated as full-fledged Saudi nationals in general education, universities and health services.
Well if KSA of all countries does it I don't see what other GCC countries wouldn't do the same for foreign women married to their citizens. I've read comments about how marrying a Kuwaiti is a 'dream' yah whatever. Foreign women who are divorced from their husbands are stuck in the country if they want to see their kids due to the ex having control over the children's lives. A foreign mother can't do anything without his consent, so much for the dream!
If the women are stuck here at least treat them as citizens considering they are raising Kuwaiti children. 

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