Sunday, November 16, 2014

Iranian People of Kuwait

A little video for those who don't know about the different ethnic backgrounds of Kuwaiti citizens. They came from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and other surrounding countries. In certain areas of Kuwait you will find a lot of Shi3a Kuwaiti with Irani backgrounds who speak Farsi along with Arabic.

Kuwaiti citizens with Irani backgrounds have different cultural ways than Kuwaiti citizens of Arab backgrounds as well. Kuwait is a melting pot even with its citizens.


  1. The majority of Shia Kuwaitis are of Iranian ancestry

    It is estimated that 70% of Shia Kuwaitis are of Iranian ancestry:

    Among Kuwaitis, being ''shia'' is synonymous with ''irani background''.

    1. AND UR POINT??!

    2. Shia and Sunni they all come from neighboring countries...


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