Thursday, November 6, 2014

Saudi rapper Slow Moe

Moe Mohalhel aka Slow Moe

“I am the first Saudi rapper who raps in English. I am the first Saudi who actually reached out to the world with deep words like in my first official track ‘Arab Pride,’” he told Arab News.

Born in Madinah and raised in Denver, Colorado and Jeddah, Moe remembers spending his life in all three places. At 26, he admits it was an intricate turn in his life when he opted to pursue his passion by using the medium of music in the English language — something he feels allows him to be understood by all and not just Arabs.

“What people need to know is that I do my tracks in English because my main plan is to reach the outside world and spread the power of Islam in a global language,” said Moe.

The rapper said the media often spreads falsehood about Islam and hence his agenda to turn that around. His first chance to do this was when he heard a track called “Arab Money Remix.”

“They were singing part of the Qur’an in the track. So I made my own song, “Arab Pride,” to show them that it is wrong to sing Qur’anic verses in a song.”

Moe dares to be different and his songs are a message for those who have the courage to listen. “I respect all religions,” he pleads in his song asking others to do the same with Islam. Moe stepped out of his comfort zone to face the world with a true face and call for unity among his people regardless of cast, culture and creed.
At least he doesn't feature fat contractors and African kids in his video.

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