Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DNA needed from citizens for new Passports

DNA will be needed for new passports:

---"Speaking about the new Kuwaiti passports, Jarrah said that DNA tests will be a condition to issue them with the aim of building a database with citizens’ DNA information. He explained that issuance of the new passports would start by the beginning of the year, starting with diplomats before offering it to all citizens through service centers, where a special criminal investigation clerk would be present to do the DNA tests for applicants. “DNA will be a condition to register babies older than six months, be born in or outside Kuwait in order to prevent unlawfully adding anybody to citizenship files,” he explained, noting that he followed up this measure with a ruling family member."---

I agree with this decision if they intend on helping to pay for these tests. A friend has arrived in Kuwait with her Kuwaiti husband but her kids cannot be added to his file and recognized until they have DNA tests because they were born in USA. That's all good if you have the 250 KD per person fee to get it done which adds up when doing a family of four.

I don't know how I feel about having my children's DNA in a database here as we all know anyone can have access to the information even if it's prohibited--it's called WASTA. Are there going to be laws put into place protecting their information? Scary thought!!

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