Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Makeup vs. No Makeup

Hey guys.....remember behind all of the contour, highlights, fake hair and eyelashes lies another face. The wedding night must be a scary thing to think about!


  1. No way that's the same person!! this is an illusion right!?

  2. I can do that with makeup to myself as well... with only eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, and blusher (no foundation even required)... People at work sometimes are like woah you look different, because one day I can be Audry Hepburn, the next a bum, the next just normal looking with a little lipgloss. makeup is awesome lol;). Ironically only had time to put lipstick and mascare for my wedding... natural is better... I don't think guys like skin makeup really. Cameras do however;).

  3. I dated a guy once who said I was beautiful without make-up. I came very close to breaking up with him over it. I hate liars. :D


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