Thursday, December 24, 2015

Trip to Dubai

After four years of being in Kuwait without leaving I took a day trip to Dubai on Fly Dubai which is a first for me. It was great avoiding the normal airport traffic and easily transporting to the plane without all of the headache. Upon arriving we got a taxi with ease, no horns blowing and no negotiating or bargaining. Taxis are lined up in order and you simply walk up to the first one in line and give them your destination as the meter ticks away.

My first stop

Wow, cleaning ladies who have a schedule and keep the bathrooms clean and sparkling- no sleeping/snoring in the corner like they do here.
Bad smokers corner outside of the mall
Next stop-Dubai Mall where I visited the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. I took a VIP pass and went upstairs above the aquarium to feed the fish while watching from the glass-bottom boat (

I found these Jarritos Mexican Sodas!!!
Coming soon to Kuwait
The weather was warm and it is was just beautiful
I watched the people zip line across the water (

I had to check out the Metro link and it was worth the walk to get to it

Please, please bring one to Kuwait
From Dubai Mall I visited Global Village and back home, I really didn't want to leave. It's as if people were really happy there, I didn't see anyone flashing lights or trying to ram each other, the taxi driver used his blinkers and it was so calm and clean.

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