Thursday, December 10, 2015

Government schools Ideas

I have learned a lot about Kuwaiti life since my children have started school and some things they do baffle me. It seems like the classes are in competition with each other and they try to outdo each other with their ideas and requests. They expect the parents to jump through hoops to satisfy their sudden ideas. One day it will be, tomorrow the kids will need to wear a yellow shirt meaning I have to go and search for a freaking yellow shirt by the next day in which they will wear it only once.

My son was told he needed a Kuwaiti police uniform for something they did one day meaning his grandmother had to go searching for a uniform and paying money for something he will use for one day. When my daughter graduated last year she was required to have some fancy pink dress made from a specific tailor which cost a fortune. I was given the paper below which showed me the specific tooth brush my son needs for school, really? 

I had to go to 3 different places to find that toothbrush and for what? Is someone working YIACO getting a bonus for selling these toothbrushes? What if I want my son to have another brand? 

The classes are always planting flowers which means their grandmother has to go searching for flowers to satisfy their ideas. It's like you have to have a budget for their classes due to the sudden idea/need for some random items. This is what happens in KG and year 1, I can only imagine what more I will see by the time they graduate.

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  1. It's still better than having to pay tuition fees to private schools on top of that.


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