Saturday, August 29, 2015

English masjid in Fintas

With the growing numbers of English speaking Muslims on the rise I can't understand why there aren't more masjids with English sermons. This particular one is in Fintas and this part of Kuwait has a large number of English speaking Muslims. I'm sure when this was built there weren't that many people in the area and that's why it's so small. There is a huge number of attendees on Friday and no room for women. Everyone has to squash inside and there is no room for overflow. I don't know who is responsible for the upkeep or expansion but I wish someone would take note of the needs of this masjid.

 Cracking paint

 Only two bathrooms but no one really uses the floor models anymore

 Someone left their boat parked in front of it
 More garbage
It is visited by many nationalities, even Kuwaitis and yet no one is willing to ask for help in upgrading or 'adopting' this masjid to renew it.

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