Monday, August 10, 2015

New Ministry complex in Dajeej/Farwaniya

It's that time of year again, residency renewal and fighting to get signatures and stamps. This one replaces that old miserable location with bad parking. Unfortunately the place is a maze, I think it's kind of shaped like a star because the entrances are at every corner. Once you go to the second floor you will go round and round until you find that one door that will let you out.

No one seems to know where anything is yet and there are a lot of empty spaces. The parking is good for now but will end up being a mess once people start coming back to Kuwait.
 The inside has green astro turf which reminds me of a goofy golf course
 Water fountains to soften the mood
Comfy sofa seats while you wait for the general manager to sign your papers. Can someone explain to me the significance of red, green and blue ink?
Even when it's your turn it doesn't really mean it's your turn until all of the people who think they are more important than you get out of the way which takes around 15 minutes.
It's a nice place, I just wish there was an information desk somewhere that helps people and signs in English but that would be asking for way too much. One must hope that when coming back on Sunday you don't find out the man you need to sign your paper has gone on vacation.

FYI: Thursday---meaning an automatic come back on Sunday!

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