Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mean girls Kuwait

I recently attended an event for bloggers and saw some Kuwaiti female bloggers I follow. In my five years of blogging and attending events I've never really went and talked to any of them except Dudette and she was really sweet. Normally I just blend in with the crowd and nobody notices me which is fine because I like to be on the down low so no one knows who I am. I also think I am looked over because I'm not Arab but I attend the events because of the people who invite me not to mingle.

On this particular night it was a small turn out and I decided to be nice and approach the group of bloggers and introduce myself. The one I initiated contact with was really nice and introduced me to her group, one of them shook my hand and when I told them my blog name they just looked at me with a puzzled stare. Yeah, I figured they wouldn't know who the hell I was because my blog doesn't talk about the newest LV bags etc.

After some pictures were taken a few of them walked away and I approached the remaining female and told her I liked her blog and she was like 'thanks' and kind of walked off to her group which I thought was not cool, but whatever I'm not part of their clique.

I totally felt like the new kid at school and they were like the cool kids who looked at me up and down and walked away. Now I know why I choose to stay silent unless someone talks to me, it's not worth the feeling of not fitting in, live and learn.

If that wasn't bad enough one of the promoters asked me why I only had 650 followers on IG (the other chicks have 30k and more) I told him I am not an Arab and I don't write in Arabic in a country of Arab people. I don't put my face all over IG for attention nor do I find shoes, make-up and expensive purses an important part of my life. When I take a picture I only post it if I think it is worth sharing and honestly it bugs me to have to stop what I'm doing and post stuff to people that really don't care.

How did we survive without internet and social media? Very well, I think. Blogging is a dying trend now that IG is here and there are 'celebrity' IG people who charge huge amounts to show up to an event and for what? Because they show their bodies or brag about what they have? That is what makes a celebrity? I cringe when I see young girls running to these 'celebrities'. Have they been charitable? Did they build a school for the needy? Once upon a time famous people were known for doing something great and now it's for being shallow.

Blogging is no longer important to me, I used to make sure I post something every single day and now, if I find something interesting I will post it if not oh well. If it was my business and my means of living I might give 100% but it's just a dying hobby that caters to an invisible internet world.


  1. ohhhh dear , trust me , i feel the same because I still blogging they think that I am a looser & by the way most of the "Celeb" girls in social media don`t know the meaning of Blogging . Shallow girls , most of them went under the knife to be models & call themselves "Micro" bloggers

  2. I hope I am not one of the mean girls :P

  3. Keep writing, this blog is great!

  4. @newq8bride no, you're not one of them. I'm not sure if I've met you or not, but you seem down to earth :)

    I agree with the 'under the knife' statement, all you have to do is Google their name and you will find pics of how they used to look.

    @tauqeer thanks! I'm trying my best for those few who appreciate what I do :)

  5. all bloggers are releasing those posts now, that they are sad that they don't get recognized for their work, tbh I like some of the posts you post and this is one of them, when I first started I was the most shy person you would ever meet and most probably you would think I'm a stuck up because of my straight face, honestly I'm not sure if we have met, but I overcame a huge rock on the way, try again and you need to know that some are cool and nice with good influence while some others are just not worth trying with... oh like regular people ..I LOVE NQ8 and J her husband...

  6. @sashdesigns, thanks for the up lifting comment :) I've see you at a few events but I never talked to you. I guess people don't realize I'm not the mean person I look like, if one gets to know me I'm actually a cool person to hang with. Maybe because I'm a foreigner others think I don' t understand but I do speak Arabic.

    I can say that the nicest person I've ever met is musaed_1980 he never passes me up when I talk to him and always has a smile and a kind word to say. He should teach classes on how to be a respectful human. I just saw him a couple of days ago in Marina Mall and as usual he had that big welcoming smile.

  7. Awww Musaed is an amazing personality, well I really hope and since I wouldn't recognize you if you would just approach me if we ever were in the same room, after all social media is about being SOCIAL :P

  8. Yep, sounds like a plan, if I see you I will say wazzzap :)

    (event invitations have almost dried up so I might see you somewhere else)

  9. hahah it shouldn't be an event, any occasion would do, even if we bumped into each other at the avenues most probably or something :D

  10. Keep blogging i visit your site everyday, and think your contents are always interesting and fun.

  11. Hello, just discovering your blog, and dont worry there is still people looking for interesting info about real life, than just fashion, make up and lalaland!

    thk you, its the only blog ive found to read about expats in Kuwait as im going to moove their soon. so thank you for your time! And here are people interested abt your blog :)

  12. Thanks a lot! Sometimes I just have to blow off some steam and tell it like it is. I will keep posting even if my mom is the only one who reads it. hahaha

  13. You're not a sell-out. You are one of those bloggers who still keeps it real and just provides your take/perspective on issues in Kuwait. Pity those who are not intelligent enough to be able to WRITE like you do (not just blogging for the sake of posting pictures). It is an art form.

    I don't attend those events because I want to remain as anonymous as I can. The ones with their photos everywhere will eventually find it very hard to continue to blog in our tiny community.

    Stay true to who you are. Your followers like me enjoy reading what you have to say.

  14. Awww thanks, I can always count on you :)

    Even if I go they don't know who the hell I am or remember me haha

  15. Ignore these fools! Your blog is the only blog about Kuwait that I read - quality (re your informative, interesting posts) wins over quantity (re either their content or higher reader numbers) every time, for me.

    Your blog reminds me of why I love visiting Kuwait and keeps me up to date with changes and even the little that's stayed the same (we used to go looking for "old" local architecture so I especially like your posts and photos of old houses etc.).

    I also always recommend your blog to friends and colleagues who are heading there.

    So please, keep up the great work!

  16. @Jeni thanks so much! I'm glad some people appreciate what I do :)


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