Saturday, August 29, 2015

Parking Meters- Kuwait's new source of Revenue

Everyone should start saving your change from now on!
A ministerial source said the government will begin to privatize parking meters for cars in the country. He said the responsibilities of organizing public and private parking will be added to the duties of the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport.

He said this move agrees with what was mentioned in the government’s working program, to diversify the economic structure and non-oil revenues, and activate the role of the private sector in economic activities. He said the authority’s board of directors will be formed soon. The source said, the privatization of the parking meters will represent a new income source for the general budget and will create new job opportunities for inspectors.

Does that mean soon there will be job openings for 'Meter Maids'?
I'd like to see how many citizens sign up for that!
Here's what meter police look like in USA.

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