Monday, August 3, 2015

Old Kuwaiti house Fintas

One of the last of the old houses I've found in Fintas and it's for sale meaning it will soon be demolished and a brand new ugly 'modern' designed building will replace it. Soon nothing will be left of the past, land is worth more to the people than memories. Once an elder dies the property is immediately put up for sale for the money even if one of the family members wants to save it. I've heard of families being kicked out by their siblings once the parent because of  money. It is so hard to have a house in Kuwait which means some families live in their parental home for as long as they can but sadly they will face eviction when death comes, usually the only sibling who took care of their parents while the other ones rarely visited.

If anyone comes across old buildings I would recommend taking pictures as they will be the only lasting evidence of what once was.

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  1. That's not really "olkd Kuwaiti" though since its cement... anything old would be mud brick right?

    Maybe someone will build a new but Old-Kuwait-influenced-architecturally villa?;) INshaAllah


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