Sunday, August 23, 2015

Villa Akbar 2015

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while might remember my old post on this house back in 2010 when it was almost completed and the article featured in Huffington Post as the 'ugliest house in Kuwait'. I think they must have received a lot of publicity from it as it look like no one lives in it anymore. The trees are overgrown, the paint is starting to chip and the gold no longer shines.

There is a security guard who sits around shooing people away from taking pictures and looking at it. It's kind of sad, all of that money spent on this 'thing' and now it just sits there like many other houses. The people have a lot of money and build houses they don't need just to say they have them. Someone must use the swimming pool though because it was really clean.

I still think the owner must have got a bulk price on all of those ugly creepy statues.


  1. There is a sign in one of the photos you took that says in Arabic "Taking Pictures Is Not Allowed".

    I believe that house is in Messila, so money, more likely than not, is not an issue.

  2. I forgot to ask, "Villa Akbar", is that the name of the property?

  3. Villa Akbar is the name on the front of the house.

    I figured that's what the sign said, if the owner didn't want people to take pictures he shouldn't have made it so ugly haha

    The security is always trying to shoo me off....I just play the dumb American and like ok ok....whatever, how can you stop people from taking pictures.

  4. That area has a certain socioeconomical stereotype. I was surprised to read that name, I guess I shouldn't have.

  5. So hideous, cringe everytime I'm unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it from the highway. I knew it was going to be this house the minute I got the link and saw the title. A label rightly deserved.

  6. This house was originally going to end up being a gorgeous house, but after buying the land and started the foundations building, the owner's brother went through some legal work to not only seize the land but most of the guys savings. I know this because the original owner is actually my uncle and its still saddens me when ever i pass the house because not only did it ruin a part of my uncle and his familys life it also ruins the eyes of the people who see it

  7. That is really sad, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately it seems like corruption and bad intentions run rampant. Does anyone even visit? There's some guard who tries to run people off and of course the 'no photo' sign is laughable.


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