Thursday, August 27, 2015

Four Seasons Hotel- Burj Al Shaya Centre

The Burj Al Shaya- Gensler (also responsible for the Avenues III construction) project which includes 'three distinct' buildings including an office tower, hotel and podium. I found some new renderings for the project. As most people know, the build is no way being completed any time soon but when it is finished it looks pretty spectacular. 

"Appointed to lead the design of this mixed-use development in Kuwait City for Alshaya Incorporated, Gensler developed its design concept around a regional architectural tradition, resulting in a contextual building that successfully represents the Four Seasons brand, as well as the local environment. Composed of three distinct buildings including an office tower, hotel tower and podium, the development is unified by a traditional Arabian carved wood latticework window treatment that offers significant solar control and air circulation. The geometry of the wood shading fins covers multiple building fa├žades, creating a strong, visual distinction from neighboring buildings, while enhancing climatic performance for the occupied spaces. The new 250-room Four Seasons Hotel will feature two large ballrooms, an expansive pool-level terrace, three restaurants, and world-class spa and fitness facilities."

There will be 45 floors in the commercial tower and 23 floors in the hotel complex.

On a side note: Maybe Gensler should have been in on the new airport deal considering they've built several already? Maybe Al Shaya should open his own airport using that company, it might be completed before the 'new one' ever gets started.


  1. Hi there -

    I'm a major architecture fan and have been keeping up with Kuwait's projects on a very deep level. The Burj Al Shaya and Four Seasons development are well under construction and will be opening in mid-2016, so there's less than a year to go before they are completed. These renderings have also been around for years and have been floating about many architectural and social sites.

    Thanks for your exposure of this project. Should do Kuwait some good to have a new top dog luxury hotel in town.

  2. Thanks, I know these have been around for years considering the project was due to be completed by this year but as everyone in Kuwait knows, that rarely happens. I did think however it being a building for Al Shaya it would've met the date.

    I really hope they have proper parking!

  3. looks fantastic, hope it comes to life soon.


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