Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Grand Cinema- The Gate Mall

Thanks to Grand Cinemas, certain people were given VIP passes for unlimited movies for 2 people for a year which is about the best gift I have received to date. We got it last Wednesday and previewed The man from U.N.C.L.E during the event. My son is my partner and we hit the movies yesterday and today. The cutting of the movies still bothers me though.

The location is on the third floor, you have to go up both escalators to get to it, the cinema is straight ahead of the escalator next to Tim Horton's coffee. This is the second Gran Cinema to open, the first was in Al Hamra from which I've heard has a better Grand Class seating area than Gate Mall. The cinema has 9 theaters including the VIP.

We went the next day and saw Mission Impossible, the first one I've ever seen, unfortunately they cut a lot of parts from the movie. I wonder if they will bring Magic Mike? Will it be a 15 minute movie?

Nice, clean theaters but the mall parking is a headache so get there early, I try to get there at least 30 min to and hour early to be safe. The following day we say Sinister 2 which was pretty good and only a few kisses were cut, my friend told me I should start doing movie reviews now that I will be going to the cinema more often.

A big thanks to the marketing group!

On a side note: I think it's messed up that some people who received their VIP card failed to show up, not cool!


  1. I got the same card :) Does the card allow you to use the Grand Class cinemas or is only for the regular ones ?

  2. Cool! I asked the ladies at The Gate Mall, at that time they were only playing The Man from U.N.C.L.E and we had already seen it, they only play one movie at a time in the Grand Class but honestly I don't know. If you find out let me know and vice versa.

    Side Note: I saw one of your posts about the Kuwaiti lady who is at all the events decked out in Kuwaiti attire, I know her personally, if you want to interview her I can ask her.

  3. Yes it's only for the regular ones. It does not include the Grand Class. I watched the movie Southpaw and asked about this for us...

  4. Thanks man for asking...but I could've sworn I saw pics of other bloggers with the VIP passes sitting in leather seats in Al Hamra.

  5. Whaaaat ? Pictures are evidences lol ... I will ask again and again :D
    By the way, sure I am very interested in interviewing the lady ! That would be awesome !


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