Sunday, August 30, 2015

Promenade Mall Hawally

My friend and I stopped by the Promenade Mall to check out the @trampokuwait trampoline area and the Promenade ice skating rink. There are only a few shops open with Sultan Center opening in the past few days, most of the foot traffic is for the entertainment areas. 

I learned of the history of the mall, it is actually Kuwait's first 'charity mall' and the biggest one in the Arabic and Islamic world. It is owned by the Al Othman Charity Fund, a private fund that actively supports various humanitarian projects throughout the Arab world and internationally. The fund is managed by Engineer Adnan Abdullah Al-Othman, son (I assume) of the "Great Philanthropist"  Abdulla Abdullatif Al-Othman of the museum Bait Al Othman (my favorite museum in Kuwait).link

 "Every dinar the customer spends in this mall will go to charity' The Al Othman Charity Fund is paying for various charity projects inside and outside of Kuwait.

 The ice skating rink is 1,200 square meters and focuses on training children, it's around 6KD per hour which includes skates and helmets, the plastic push toy is an additional 2KD rental which can be used to push small children around in as well as used for balancing.
 Trampo and Clip n' Climb is another entertainment area which includes huge trampolines for visitors to use. You can call 60694352 for more information on prices.

It's a really huge mall that will include GEOX, On Time, DKNY, Make Up Forever, Life with Cacao, Choowy Goowy, Tim Hortons (already open),Cafe Bazza (already open) and Chili's as well as Kuwait's largest MANGO store. It will also have the 'Promenade Cultural Centre' (PCC) which will host a variety of events dedicated to art, theater, live music and performances. The mall lies on an area of 18,000 sqm which also includes the Al Othman Tower with 13 floors of offices, three floors in the basement for parking.

The grand opening is set for some time in September.

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