Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kuwaiti cop gives kitten Water

A Kuwaiti sergeant heading a police patrol in the Gulf emirate abruptly stopped off the road and stepped out of his car to give water to a little cat after noticing it was swaying of thirst in the scorching summer heat.
Sergeant Mashari Al Anzi used his own water bottle to give water to the cat, which appeared in a picture to be drinking avidly to quench its thirst on that day when temperatures were close to 50 degrees.
The Arabic language daily Al Watan, which published the picture, described what  Al Anzi did as a “humanitarian gesture required by everyone.”


  1. Extremely touched by this gesture !! Got to heard the other side of Kuwaiti police first time !! Keep it up Kuwait police, one day you will meet our expectations !! Still a long way to go !!

  2. I'm so glad this photo is getting the attention it deserves. His kind gesture will hopefully be an example to others who turn a blind eye to the animals who desperately need the compassion of humans. This man will probably be a wonderful husband and fabulous father as he obviously knows true empathy. I hope others follow his lead.


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