Tuesday, August 5, 2014

End the War

I don't post on these types of events but  I found out that the house pictured above belongs to the husband of my uncle's late sister and killed  eight members of the family. link Warning-Graphic

From the FB of my aunt:

"We found out last night F16's were bombing Rafah, killing 8 of our immediate family members. The blast was so intense one of my nephews was found on top of an adjacent 4 story building, thankfully alive...barely, but alive. Imagine what kind of blast could cause a young man to be knocked that far, land on the roof of a 4 story building. The entire block was taken out by the Israeli F16 bombers. No Hamas was there, just civilians, late at night when most are asleep. When families go to bury their dead, Israelis bomb the cemeteries, killing the families so now ppl put their dead in freezers until they can bury them. HOW IS THE ACCEPTABLE? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? THIS ISN'T WAR, THIS IS MURDER"

May they rest in peace

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