Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome to Kuwait- orientation from AWARE Center


These orientations are free of charge & provide an opportunity for newly arriving Westerners to meet the AWARE team & discover the many services designed to assist with cultural adjustment & settling comfortably in Kuwait. The Orientation is divided into 3 segments; which are: Segment 1) About AWARE: in this segment, we will talk about the AWARE Center & the activities that we offer & how these activities can help benefit the Western Expatriate to make their stay in Kuwait more comfortable. Segment 2) About the Local Culture: this segment is entitled “Know Thy Kuwaiti Neighbor”. In this segment, we will talk about Life in Kuwait & share some tips regarding socializing with the locals, their beliefs & values, safety tips, Culture Do’s & Don’ts, etiquette when visiting Kuwaiti Homes, & much more. Segment 3) Questions & Answers: in this segment, we will answer any questions that our audience may have related to the AWARE Center, Kuwait or the local culture. Dinner Buffet is included. If you wish to register for our Orientation, you are kindly requested to choose one date and email us: the selected date, your full name & expected number of guests to joumana@aware.com.kw TESTIMONIALS: “It was very informative & helpful. I enjoyed the presentation greatly.” - Martha Borden “Thank you for welcoming us & offering the helpful advice.” - Eileen Begley “Great informative! I really enjoyed learning about the culture from a native.” - Teresa Kovach

Dates: August 27 @ 7 pm, September 4 @ 7pm and September 10 @ 7 pm

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  1. I took one of those self defense courses for women in the States. If all else fails and dude is "that" close to you, stick your thumb in his eye socket and pop out his eye. It will hurt like hell, but they can re-insert it at the police hospital...


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