Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stickers with Hebrew writing found in Kuwait

Today at work I was looking over some stickers one of the instructors bought to give to the students who were doing a good job when I noticed the Hebrew writing. I told her to get a marker quickly to black out the letters and remove the two stickers inside that had the writing. I was worried one of the parents might notice it and make a problem for the company. She told me she got them from a 100 fils store in City Center. 

I found the store that had the stickers, when I brought to the Indian guy's attention he didn't understand so the security guy took me upstairs to the mall manager who had already left for the day, instead we met a Kuwaiti guy (I think) in the hallway and he was like '3adee' it wasn't made in Israel so not a big deal.

Maybe I'm the only one offended by stickers written in Hebrew?


  1. Good call by blacking out the letters. Some people make a thing out of nothing.

    (il-muhim) You're offended by... A language! In that case I'm offended by 'stickers' written in English because US's language is English. It's just a language.
    Tl;Dr: I don't care if it's written in Hebrew. I care of it's made in Israel.

    Seriously of it isn't made in Israel it's not a big deal (For me at least).

  2. You know I love you, but I have a different opinion. Hebrew is a language - not a political statement. There are still many many Jews who are not Zionists and not terrorists. I don't believe you should be offended by it. There are Jews living in Kuwait and freely practicing their religion (as by Kuwait's own constitution - freedom of religion is one of the clauses). That shouldn't offend anyone either. If the Hebrew stated something anti-Moslem or anti-Palestine, then I would be offended, but a language is just a language.

  3. I think so long as the product was not made in / imported from Israel, there is no issue. Hebrew is the language of Judaism, which we do not have a problem with. Our problem lies with Israel.

  4. Why are you feeling offended if its written in Hebrew ?

  5. Well, I will not say anything further as to not turn this into a debate.

  6. Did my comment not post? Can I post it again? I am not meaning to cause a debate: The injeel was revealed in Hebrew to Musa alahi wa salaam and ISa alahi wa salaam, so as a lanugaue it is not offensive at all:). But items made in Isreal, or things written might be (maybe what was written on the stickers was bad--did anyone check?---like if it said something anti-Islamic ect.)... I'd need more details to be offended against either a language or Crazy in Kuwait;) ya'll.


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