Sunday, August 17, 2014

Discovery Mall- Land of the douchebag Parking

I've never seen douchebag parking jobs like the ones in the parking lot of Discovery Mall. With the type of parking that goes on I would expect to see a lot of handicap placards but nope, even the cars parked in the handicapped spaces have no placards.

The barely visible lines are painted straight yet these people can't understand that concept and park at an angle taking up two spaces.

 This lovely non-handicapped couple pulled up as I was taking pictures and parked in the handicapped place, as you can see in the picture below they have no problems walking. The pink signed parking spaces are for pregnant mothers, only a couple of them yet all of the spaces were full.

I've only seen a couple cars with placards, all of the rest should be ticketed, POLICE OFFICERS this is the perfect place to ticket and get your brownie points every single day!


  1. Keep dreaming about cops ticketing parked cars

  2. Actually there was a police car there today but no cars illegally parked or I would have pointed out to the cops.


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