Thursday, August 7, 2014

P2BK Mishref- Abandoned

Before Ramadan I took the kids to see the million KD san sculptures and from the looks of the place the sand sculptures aren't going anywhere for a while as they are sprayed with something that made them rock hard. I was however sad to see the state of the P2BK area, it was destroyed. Does this mean they are not using the same venue for next year?

 The dhow has been removed
 Palm trees are left to die

There's no way they can use the place again without considerable construction. I don't understand why they would leave it in that state, I'm sure that's not how they found it. Click here to see some before pictures.


  1. That's crazy. It took so much time, effort and money to build the P2BK village. Sad to see it in this state after only a few short months.


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