Monday, August 11, 2014

TIES- Pets and animal rescue in Kuwait -Presentation by Claudia Al-Rashoud

Pets and Animal Rescue in Kuwait
By Claudia Farkas Al-Rashoud

Why should we help animals when there are so many people in need? What is the stance of Islam regarding the treatment of animals? What can you do to help Kuwait's strayed, abandoned, and abused animals? Join us for an informative and compelling discussion of these issues and more. If you would like to start helping animals in need right away, please bring along some dog or cat food as a donation to our local animal shelter.
Guest speaker, Claudia Farkas Al-Rashoud, is photojournalist and animal rescuer. Claudia Farkas Al Rashoud will be presenting along with a representative from Protecting Animal Welfare Society Kuwait (PAWS), who will be talking about their challenging work. We hope you can join us and we thank you for caring.
Sunday, August 17 @ 7pm
Visit their site for more information.

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