Sunday, August 10, 2014

Spread The Message - 3 Minutes That Will Change The Way You Think


'Our mission is to spread as many positive messages as we can in hopes that we can change the way people think, act, and treat others. '
I love it! You can check out their FB and YouTube pages


  1. Such a touching video, people like this give me hope and totally inspire me. I'm gonna buy a few cold water bottles tomorrow morning and give them out to the cleaners on the streets.

  2. Good idea, I always come across them and think to myself ' I wish I had some water to give them' so it's def a good idea and they appreciate it.

  3. This video was shot in Santa Monica, California. Santa Monica at one time had the largest per capita homeless population in America. A large homeless population usually camp in Palisades Park(this is where the homeless guy shares his food). It has been my experience that those who have nothing or little tend to be the most generous. Those who have the most or more tend to be more greedy and self-centered.


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