Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Al Salam Mall Salmiya

Al Salam Mall is opened with a few stores so far. ICONIC, New Look, Fun City, Riva and a coffee shop are the only places open at this time.

 Lu & Lu is still under construction but from the looks of it they should be opening soon.

There's parking out back but I don't know if there's any underground or not of course once the mall is up and running I think it will become crowded as usual in Kuwait.


  1. ... because we desperately needed another mall in Kuwait.... Looks a lot like Fanar or even Gate Mall. zzzzzzz. I'm glad to see Riva there. They closed in Souq Sharq (which used to be the latest/greatest but is somewhat of a ghost mall now).

  2. I really can't understand the shopping bubble, I'm afraid it will burst sometime in the near future and all of these restaurants, apartments and malls will meet their demise, how long can this possibly go on? It's not like the salaries in Kuwait have increased at all yet they force feed us shopping and hamburgers because there is no alternative.

    Now they will close Entertainment City, the one place I could go and not be smothered by wild crowds. Sedimentary lifestyle at its best in Kuwait and they wonder why Kuwait is number 1 of the fat countries. Personally I want to walk, run, play not sit on my butt and look at people walk by as I stuff my face with thousands of calories.

  3. Reason behind these crowds in malls are lack of other entertainments & activities for youth. Even if there is it's out of average people income reach, to be regular.

  4. Does anyone know if Lovisa has opened in this centre yet?

    1. Hi, Lovisa is now open and currently they have a sale ongoing.
      Several other stores are opening rapidly. If you need any further info,, please do contact me on my email

  5. A good friend of mine has opened a new perfume shop (M.Qasem Perfumes) located on the Mezzanine Floor. He has some lovely Oriental and French creations...and one of the best Dahn Al Oud and Agarwood.

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  7. I really like this mall because its spacious. I am sure people would like this mall more because of its new look and ambiance. It might even take Marina Mall way ahead into popularity. What I like is that new shops and boutiques are opened rather than guessing on the same names. I really liked Lulu hypermarket. Very precised and detailed departments. I hope they soon start a cinema too. But on some point I feel that parking and over crowding on that area might be a trouble. Its a main junction area of shopping street for people. The outside coffee shops and hang out areas is really cool as people can enjoy the roadside beauty too.
    I wish good luck for Al Salam mall and may it be in tough competition like the Avenues and 360 mall.

  8. It's got a lot more stores now and restaurants and cafes on the mezzanine level with balconies and outdoor views of the sea.

  9. I will visit, I tried once but the parking lot was a nightmare so I skipped it. Thanks for the update :)

  10. Al Salam Mall now has Valet parking and lots of new stores. Events held this weekend was a free Fitness First workout dance & weights. Definitely worth checking it out.
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