Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bon Apetit at The Scientific Center

The Scientific Center brings 'Bon Apetit' to Kuwait.

-Brought to you by La Cite in Paris, Bon Appétit presents food to visitors in an upbeat, fun and educational way. This exhibition has no forced path but instead is built around major topics in an intuitive way with galleries split into five color-coded themed areas. Each theme offers visitors oversized and unusual hands-on exhibits, individual and collective games, as well as multimedia and audiovisual stations. The label copy engages teenagers and children in an informal, friendly tone that sidesteps hang-ups and fosters introspective questioning. At the entrance to each themed gallery, there is a counter offering practical advice, in-depth articles and quizzes to test visitors’ knowledge.

Each gallery is filled with hands-on interactives that help visitors explore their own personal eating habits as well as the eating habits of other cultures. Visitors can discover topics such as physical activity versus food intake, the workings of the digestive system, creating a balanced diet and the origin of the foods that populate the shelves of their local grocery stores. Additionally, tough topics such as anorexia, bulimia, world hunger and obesity are explored in fun and nonjudgmental ways.

 Cool interactive game teaching kids about food

For more information on the exhibit origins visit their website.

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