Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bad meat in Mubarakiya

KUWAIT: Mubarakiya Municipality center launched a wide-ranging campaign that resulted in destroying 100 kg of meat unfit for human consumption and issuance of 10 citations for employing workers before receiving a license from the municipality, health conditions, general hygiene and trading in goods harmful to public health. Director General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al-Subaih said corruption at the municipality has dropped significantly, and used Audit Bureau reports to prove this.
About a forgery case at the financial affairs department, he said the case is with the public prosecution, and “we should wait until a decision is made”, adding that he has full confidence in Kuwait’s judiciary.
He said talks are ongoing with the National Assembly in order to amend law 5/2005 which regulates the work of the municipality, and it will relieve the municipality from a big burden.
Subaih warned traders in spoiled food, saying “we will continue confronting them with the law without any forgiveness”. He said the camp licensing experiment succeeded very well and encouraged to continue with it.
By Hanan Al-Saadoun
I can't understand how someone would put people's health at risk to make a buck. My mom was recently hospitalized again for food poisoning. This time it was a three day stay with all kinds of tests which cost 1000 KD for her stay. She initially started out at Adan hospital who misdiagnosed her and sent her home with some charcoal medicine. After a week she was still sick and went back to Adan only to sit in the waiting room for over 2 hours until she couldn't physically sit anymore so she headed to Mowasat where she was immediately admitted. The ER at Adan was full and anyone who had any medical emergency was forced to wait in the waiting room until a bed was available.
Adan government has undergone some significant changes but the government still falls short on giving 100% to the patient. It's really unfortunate that John Hopkins wasn't able to complete their contracting with the government in upgrading their standards (Kuwait’s health ministry has cancelled a 2011 deal with John Hopkins Hospital - under which the US company was expected to manage four public hospitals - due to “lack of feasibility on the medical level”, the Kuwait Times reported. The five-year $350 million contract was called off after the ministry invoked a clause allowing it to cancel the deal without attracting any penalty if the hospital failed to carry out its end of the deal). You can see the contract details here.
To the people of Kuwait be very careful when you eat out, if it tastes funny DON'T EAT IT or you might end hospitalized!

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