Sunday, June 7, 2015

Al Watan closed- No Bo Kotada w Bo Nabil this Ramadan?

KUWAIT CITY, June 4, (AFP): Kuwait on Thursday closed the privately-run Al- Watan satellite television channel, which has been critical of the government, citing financial reasons. The commerce and industry ministry said it has revoked the commercial licence of the company that owns the channel after it lost most of its capital. The information ministry followed the measure by withdrawing Al-Watan’s media licence. The station went off the air after police ordered staff out of the building.

The move comes almost five months after authorities revoked the commercial and media licences of Al-Watan newspaper for the same reasons. The decision to close the daily has since been upheld by the lower and appeals courts. The case is currently before the Supreme Court.

Al-Watan TV and newspaper are owned by former oil minister Sheikh Ali Khalifa Al-Sabah, a member of the ruling family, and it is managed by his son Sheikh Khalifa.
I don't speak Arabic too much but I always liked Al Watan TV as they seemed to have updated shows that were entertaining especially Bo Kotada w Bo Nabil during Ramadan. I had to have my sister translate but found it hilarious especially the Justin Bieber episode. So this leaves us with KTV, watching the people gathering at Naif Palace, waving and hoping to win 50 KD and waiting for the cannon to go off.


  1. Bo Kotada w Bo Nabil should've never stayed on television to begin with.
    That cartoon was enforcing stereotypes and stopped being funny within the first episode. What I saw in that cartoon is the emphasis on stereotyping every "Bedouin" Kuwaiti as sub-human, unintelligent, unhygienic and emotionally retarded being. Then it focused on showing the "7theri" Kuwaiti as somewhat feminine, rich, stupid and corrupted alcoholic. Finally, the "Religious" Kuwaiti was shown as a millennium-behind backwards terrorists (some of them are like that but to fuel their anger and make new "religious" enemies won't fix the problem).
    I'm sorry but the show deserved it's early death as it's highly annoying and unfunny. It's nowhere as good as one of the previous well-known Kuwaiti cartoon that used to poke fun of everything without prejudice and well-hidden agenda to drive the public into living the stereotypes as reality.

  2. Stereotyping is based on common traits among groups, so what are your perceptions of bedoo, 7theri and religious Kuwaiti citizens? What I saw on the cartoon pretty much sums up what I see everyday so if there are differences then those people should make more of a statement which will change the idea of people.


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