Friday, June 12, 2015

UAE adds Lykan Hypersport to their police Force

Having recently appeared in Fast & Furious 7, the Lykan showcased its LED headlights encrusted with 420 diamonds.However, it was first revealed at the Dubai Motor Show in 2013, and then at the Shanghai Auto Show this year.

If it’s purchased by the force, the Lykan will serve alongside Abu Dhabi Police’s Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari FF, and Lamborghini Aventador.Both of the UAE’s security services, the Abu Dhabi police and Dubai police have a range of luxury patrol cars.

Dubai police’s collection includes a Veyron Bugatti, a BMW i8, and a limited edition $2.9 million Aston Martin One-77.As for Dubai-based W Motors, it’s the first Lebanese manufacturer of sports cars, established in 2012.
Kuwait, your move.

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