Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Houses in Kuwait

It's always interesting to get lost in neighborhoods in Kuwait as you never know what types of house you will find. This one below is a cross between a cathedral and a wedding cake.
 It belongs to lawyer Al Adwani according to the plaque near the entrance. Does that mean it's his house or office, anything is possible here.
 And then there is this suburban house with shutters and a white picket fence, one would never think that house is in Kuwait.

This is one of my favorites with neutral colors and some elegance.


  1. I love the "suburban house"! Which area is it if you don't mind sharing?
    In South Surra I always prefer the "smaller houses" to the palacial looking ones.

  2. I think we were cruising Rawda when we came across all of those houses, exact location I don't know, I just go to areas and get lost looking at the different houses.

  3. Are you sure the first house belongs to Al Adwani?

  4. Wanna get like these when I get back to Kuwait

    it is a great idea to have a different deigning house

    Thank you for sharing these pictures with us

  5. They're all terrible and don't mesh with the geography of the area, you want good houses in the desert check out the southwestern style architecture in states like New Mexico.

  6. I don't if it belongs to Al Adwani, I saw a plaque by the door which you can see in the picture says first name which I forgot and Al Adwani Lawyer.


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