Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ramadan Kareem 2015 and some tips

Today is the beginning of Ramadan.

Please observe the no eating/drinking, no smoking, etc.

Remember all restaurants will be closed until 6:50 pm and all ministries and banks will also have different business hours.

Any transactions you make in the ministries will probably take even longer, that's if you can find someone to help you during the day.

People are warned to stay off the highways around 30 minutes prior to breaking the fast as there are crazy people trying to rush home to eat so be prepared!


  1. I am relieved that this year i am outside Kuwait during Ramadan. I can't bear this rule every time i am in Kuwait during Ramadan that non muslims have to stay hungry and without water for like 8-10 hours. Outside the GCC countries, we can happily eat or drink what we want and those who want to fast can fast. Those who are really pious will fast regardless of what your neighbour does and there shouldn't be such a rule that nobody can eat in public and anybody violating it sent to jail and fined. You will argue that this is a Islamic country and we should respect its traditions but this intolerance of other people's faiths is the reason and starting point for the rise of terrorist ideology and groups like Daesh.That said however I would like to wish Ramadan Kareem to everyone and all of the Almighty's blessings.

    1. Who said you needed to starve yourself? The law states that you can't eat in PUBLIC. Whilst at home you can eat whatever you'd like anytime..

    2. In all GCC countries, non-Muslims are not allowed to eat in public during daytime hours. No, you don't go to jail. Most people just pay the 100 KD fine.

      You're not expected to fast, just don't eat in front of the cops. It's not 8-10 hours, Ramadan working hours are different from normal working hours. Non-muslims can eat, no one said you can't. I am sure that Ramadan working hours are feasible enough for most non-Muslim expats to eat.

    3. You clearly stated that non-muslims can't eat and need to fast for 8 hours just like muslims. "non muslims have to stay hungry and without water for like 8-10 hours".

    4. Hi Mohammed, sorry that i generalised the situation when I know we can eat at home but i have seen in many companies including mine, they don't encourage you to go home for lunch as its shortened hours and coworkers are not very happy if we eat in a closed room. It also depends on the people and the company. At our company, its very strict, the canteen is off limits and nothing will be served nor can you go home to eat. It is also not practical to go home and come back in this traffic. Non muslims in these companies have no option but to stay hungry and without water. We can't complain because the hours are reduced anyway but i wish anybody could eat whatever they wanted to be it in public or inside.

    5. Indeed you must have a strict company and I don't see why Muslims would have a problem with you eating away from them. I've seen Muslims not fasting in Ramadan before and I was shocked but people do as they please. Personally, it would not bother me as I fasted growing up in the states where we were the minority, it is all about control and seeing someone eating is the least of my worries. I hope it works out for you and sorry that people are not understanding.

  2. Ramadan Kareem everyone! So excited for Ramadan in Kuwait this year.


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