Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Old Kuwaiti House Salmiya

This old Kuwaiti house has Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant built into it. I don't know why someone would build a restaurant into an existing house but anything goes in Kuwait as long as you have money. The house has caught my eye since moving to Kuwait but with the fence around it it was impossible to see it close up. Ever since the wind storm came and blew down the fence the house has been calling my name. I'm not sure if it is part of the connecting property that is owned by a sheikh or not and how I wish I could find pictures of it when it was new.

As with many other structures of this time there are a lot of turquoise colors everywhere which is one of my favorite colors

 The hallways surround a huge hosh (open area) in the middle with what looks like an old well.
 In the old days the shelves were built into the wall with a glass paneled door
This has to be on of the fancier decorated doors I've seen
Different designs etched into the cornerstones

 The old style doors with styled corners

 Different sizes of archways

And of course the run down adjacent property owned by a sheikh

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