Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Berdawni restaurant Demolished!!

My sister and I were out looking for a restaurant for lunch and decided on Berdawni Lebanese restaurant. When we arrived this is what we saw, an empty lot where that huge place one stood, how disappointed we are to know it's all gone. Now, to find out the reason it closed will be on my mind until I get an answer. Of course my thoughts are it closed because not many people visit sheesha restaurants anymore and that it was a huge piece of prime land that must be costly to rent.

I guess the Avenues phenomena has claimed another victim and will be the death of many more businesses before long.

I found some images of the restaurant from rinnoo.net

There is a message on the site "Al Berdawni Palace Restaurant transferred to Palm Palace restaurant including its management and employees and is no longer in the old location." Which is a coincidence, that was the place we ended up going to but it doesn't have the same vibe as Berdawni.


  1. Used to love the food there...

  2. It got demolished 2 years ago

  3. WHAT?! I haven't been out there in forever. I'm sorry to hear this. I liked that place. Good memories....

  4. Yes, yes so many memories for me too ;)


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