Saturday, June 13, 2015

Only shades of beige and white for Kuwaiti Houses

The Kuwait Municipality recently decided to set a special penal code for citizens painting the exterior of their houses in colors other than shades of white and beige, reports Al-Rai daily. The new paint color conditions had been proposed by Municipal Council member Fahad Al-Sane, who asked to include the paint condition in the construction specifications chart. By studying the proposal, the municipality said it found that the Municipal Council had approved a similar one in 2008, in addition to another one pertaining with mandatory use of shades of white and beige to paint the exterior of all buildings in various areas around Kuwait.

Yuck! Only white and beige? That's going to piss off the neighbor who just painted their entire house a hideous shade of smurf blue.

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  1. Oh puhleeeeeeze.... let's see them try to enforce this (like anything else....)


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