Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Paris Hilton Plane Crash Prank

Now she's suing over the stunt because she's afraid to fly. I guess no one will be pranking foreigners any time soon because they can sue, the Arab folks just laugh but not Paris Hilton.

'Paris Hilton is telling business associates ... she will sue the people responsible for putting her on a plane that appeared to be in crash mode ... just to get a rise out of her. 
We're told Paris is furious over the stunt ... in which a TV crew got the pilot to pretend to shut down the engines in her plane, and then nose-dive to the ground. Paris says she was in mortal fear for her life ... something the video pretty clearly shows. 
Our sources say she's "totally freaked out" over flying anywhere ... something she's required to constantly do. She's already called her lawyers to find out who's responsible, and they told her she has a solid case for emotional distress.
Paris tells them she had absolutely no clue this was a prank ... she wasn't in on it. She also doesn't believe anyone in her camp was involved.
An Egyptian TV show host engineered the prank as they flew over Dubai.
And Paris says ... it was a lot worse than it looked on video. She says the plane almost hit the water during the dive and then steeply pulled out of the dive, almost doing a loop as it ascended.'


  1. This is the dumbest phucking show I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. I would sue too. I would sue anyone who was even vaguely associated with it. How dare they do this to people! I would be willing to bet that she wouldn't want to go back to Dubai again either. How far will TV be allowed to go??

  2. I saw it on MBC 2 days ago, I think the show is in bad taste considering people are already scared of flying. One guy kicked him a few times. Someone needs to scare the crap out of the guy and teach him a lesson.

  3. I watched one episode (at a friends house where it was on) and I was disgusted. This shyt wouldn't fly in the States (pardon the pun...)

  4. I just read on TMZ that she was in on it and was upset that it was taken a little too far, she was paid a million bucks.


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