Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lutece Chocolat Kuwait

I've always loved to help local businesses who are just starting out, when the Kuwaiti owner of Lutece Chocolat contacted me I was more than willing to try their product. After receiving the email I checked out their IG account @lutece_kw and found amazing pictures of their chocolates. Immediately my eyes sought out the blue colored ones as it is my favorite color and was not disappointed.
First thoughts upon opening the box 'wow these are beautiful!"
 First one to try was the 'blue cherry'- dark chocolate filled with cherry flavored ganache and it did not disappoint.
 The second box looked like a work of art, filled with colorful chocolates of all shapes and sizes. After reading the included description page I tried the 'saffron cardamom' which was filled with a Kuwaiti ganache blend of saffron and cardamom in milk chocolate. It was like a cup of karak tea in chocolate form, to die for!

It is quite an impressive box when opened, the perfect box to take to a gathering, wedding or when someone has a baby. I can truthfully say these are the best ones I have had to date in Kuwait. As far as I can tell you can order them by phone 55596962 and again via IG @lutece_kw. I've haven't really been wowed by candy companies until now.


  1. Hey! We got the same request for review. Obviously dude is on the ball in terms of PR and marketing. I posted about them on Thursday. I loved these chocolates and I hope he does really well. It probably would be in his best interest to send us "reminders" about his products periodically so we can keep the public informed, don't you think? :) LOL.

  2. Yes but I am trying so hard to start my diet and I can't get enough of those chocolates. Honestly and truly they are to die for and the flavors are amazing. But yes I agree a periodic thank you would be nice.

  3. i try to call them and they wont answer!!! ARRGGHHHHH!!! i needed to send some chocolates urgently..

  4. I am trying to contact them and they wont respond. Do you have an alternate number?? Any idea on prices?

  5. I tried calling but the line was busy, have you tried sending them a whatsapp message? They are currently in the process of opening a store so hopefully in the future you can pick them up. I don't know about prices, sorry. Keep trying and if you can't get in touch I can email the owner. Try IG as well, they are quick to respond.

  6. hi how much for the order of 1 box of chocolate? thank you.


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