Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cioccolat Italiani

The grand opening of Cioccolat Italiani located in the Cube, Salmiya

Our philosophy

CioccolatItaliani has a clear mission: to create a new chocolate culture throughout the various ways chocolate is offered and manipulated. Inside our shops chocolate is found in coffee, gelato, desserts and pasta. It is pure show cooking. By using our live laboratories the chef creations are displayed for everyone to see: bread, dessers and croissants are prepared live while from the kitchen italian regional dishes are made.

That’s how cioccolatItaliani “do it infront of everyone” as written clearly on windows, wanting nbot the product only but the maestro gelatiere manipulating raw ingredients.It is much more than a new destination, cioccolatItaliani is a new revolutionary concept to display at its core chocolate in all its forms

9 stores in Italy and 3 abroad in the Middle East, and counting… A brand of Italain Excellence.

 We tried some of the chocolate, the gourmet cones range from 2.750 Kd to 3.600 KD

For more information check out their website and IG @cioccolatitaliani_kwt

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  1. TRULY Amazing gelato! By far the best I have tasted in this country.


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