Friday, June 7, 2013

Anyone remember Tanoreen Restaurant?

Anyone who has lived in Kuwait for a number of years might remember Tanoreen restaurant in Fahaheel. When my husband and I first met this was one of the places we would go for sheesha and food but sadly it has been abandoned because of progress. The whole block, which is the first right turn after the main traffic light in Fahaheel is set to be demolished some day to build something new. As usual all businesses were closed and year after year they sit deserted. I think the block is owned by Al Dabbous family which of course own everything in the area.
Now as you can see the restaurant sits deserted with no sign of the life it once had. The big tent restaurant, the little hutch cabins, the outside seating areas and the playground are no longer there. I tried to find pictures of it before but there don't seem to be any.
The open space in the back of the fountain was where the big tent once stood.

 After looking at these pictures I realize it used to be an old Kuwaiti house. I always went at night when the fountain lights were on and never noticed it. I bet the whole block used to be full of old Kuwaiti houses and now there is....Center Point.

It looks like it's time to take pictures of everything old in Kuwait as progress seems to be killing the past.

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