Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Waffle & Burger- American owned restaurant in Mahboula

A friend of mine and his wife have opened their American restaurant in Mahboula. Linda and Robert, a fellow Californian, have worked and lived in Kuwait for many years now and Linda was cooking up meals for contractors in her house which led to her opening her own restaurant. She works full time preparing the food and adding more dishes to her menu.

Help support a new restaurant owner by stopping by! It's located behind Ali and Ghalia or Fintas Towers as contractors call them. It's behind the mosque that sits in a dirt field.
Phone: 23720402/55980666


  1. After reading your recommendation last week, my husband and I decided to go and try out this restaurant. We wanted very badly to like this restaurant since we are also Americans, but we did not enjoy our meal. The appetizer we ordered was fairly cold when it arrived except the french fries thrown on top. It was supposed to include according to the menu--french fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and onion rings. The mozzarella sticks were not hot and there was no marinara sauce as advertised. Presumably that had been substituted with BBQ sauce. There was honey mustard sauce but no chicken fingers--only unbreaded, unseasoned chicken wings which had been deep fried. The standard issue french fries had the faint taste of fish which I assumed was because they were fried in grease that had been used for fish also. The onion rings were typical of those that come frozen in a bag. No explanation was offered for the substitutions. This appetizer cost either KD 4.500 or KD 5, I'm sorry I don't have the menu, but my husband had commented it being close to $18 US. The worst part was my entree which was supposed to be a rice bowl with shredded chicken breast and was listed with other typical Americanized Mexican dishes such as tacos etc. When it came out, it was a huge bowl of white rice and the shredded chicken breast appeared to be a small can of chicken dumped on top, juice and all. There were apx 2-3 tablespoons of canned corn and maybe 1 T of black beans mixed in. The remaining ingredient was cilantro and some tiny red bits I assumed to be tomato, but was not sure. There was so much cilantro it was overwhelming and I do like cilantro. There was no type of any other seasoning or spices or anything that would clue in someone that this was a Mexican dish. Just bland canned food dumped in a bowl`. This dish cost KD4 which is astronomical considering how devoid of taste or appeal that it was. My husband had a pan fried type of strip steak which was just OK, nothing to rave about or order again served with more of the same fishy french fries and pork and beans straight from the can. I also saw the owner sitting at the front table, and thought since this was a new restaurant she might come by and introduce herself or see how we liked our meal, but she never did. All in all, the food was so disappointing and so overpriced for what it was, I can not see why I'd ever return nor recommend it to anyone I know. So surprising that that anyone would serve that kind of poor food for those prices here in Kuwait. I've eaten in a lot of restaurants here and it was by far the worst I've had so far. I just don't think a restaurant with that kind of mediocrity and high prices will stay open here.

  2. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your visit, I just passed by and took some pictures, I didn't test the food. I agree about high prices, I know expats want to bring something different to the country but when they charge more than real restaurants they don't tend to last long. Lita's is an ok place for Mexican food but again it's a little overpriced as well but they have to import some of their items. You don't have any pics do you? Thanks for the feedback!!!

  3. We ate there for breakfast two days ago and it was delicious! My husband loved the buirritos, he says they taste just like home (from Southern California), we will be back!

  4. Preordered food for pickup before end of work, still waited 1/2 hour at restaurant and it cost 17 bucks for about 3 - 5 dollars worth of food.


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