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Religious backed U.S. companies in Kuwait- Timberland is a Jewish backed Company!

 Forever 21 prints a reference to one of the most oft quoted passages of the New Testament on the bottom of all of its bags.AP Photo

Purchase a skimpy $15 top or $19 skirt from trendy but budget-conscious clothing retailer Forever 21 and you may notice "John 3:16" printed on your shopping bag.

Printed on the bottom of each of the store's bags, the biblical reference is perhaps the most obvious reference to the religious beliefs promoted by the store's owners, the Chang Family, who are born-again Christians.

Mrs. Chang told Bloomberg Businessweek last year that the store had religious roots, citing that "God told her she should open a store and that she would be successful."

The store provoked criticism in the summer of 2011 when it released a slew of religious-themed tees emblazoned with slogans such as "Jesus ♥ You" and "Holy."

Does anyone have a shopping bag from the Kuwait location?

Curves founder Gary Heavin is an outspoken Christian and supporter of conservative and religious causes.Wikimedia Commons

Curves gyms are nationally known for creating a men-free environment where women of all shapes and sizes can work out.

It's lesser known that the company's founder Gary Heavin, is a born-again Christian who has garnered criticism for conservative political views and donating to anti-abortion causes, according to a 2004 Houston Chronicle profile.

Heavin acknowledged there has been some business "fallout" from his views, which prompted some members to cancel memberships.

We have Curves in Kuwait. Hmmm...

Timberland CEO Jeff Swartz says his Jewish faith motivated him to sever ties with a Chinese factory.flickr/paparain

Timberland CEO Jeff Swartz is well-known for his commitment to promoting corporate social responsibility.

For example, Swartz moved to sever the company's ties with a Chinese factory where human rights violations were allegedly occurring despite the fact that it took a hit to the shoe making company's bottom line. Swartz attributed his motivation to his own personal Jewish faith in a 2008 Fast Company profile.

"I can't show you the scripture that relates to the rights of a worker, but I can show you text that insists upon treating others with dignity," he said. "It says in the Hebrew Bible one time that you should love your neighbor as yourself, but it says dozens of times that you shall treat the stranger with dignity." Full Story

A lot of people in Kuwait are sporting Timberland gear. Hmmm......


  1. ha ha ha what product is there that is made by Muslims in Kuwait or in the world for that matter except for manufacturing Hate, Bombs, Murder and Destruction. Don't tell me its oil because that's something dug up from the ground and expats do the work of extracting it out. Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's and if you look pretty much everything in Kuwait say in the Avenues or 360 all come from the US or UK which is majority Christian. Stop whining about Christians and Jews and go get a life. If you are so unhappy go and make some products that change the world and show that Muslims can contribute with great products in a modern world.

  2. I hardly think she was whining about Christians and Jews, but rather state that these brands do exist in a Muslim country.

    I don't think the bible verse or reference to it will be printed on the Forever 21 shopping bags here in Kuwait. I should have a bag or two at home. Will go and check it out. Am quite curious! lol

  3. Honestly I hadn't read the comment, now that I've read it I just laugh at the idiot who wrote it, who obviously has no idea what Muslims have contributed to the world:

    The most important contribution is the Scientific Method which Muslims invented and the credit has wrongly been given to Francis Bacon. Bacon was simply translating books from Arabic.

    1. The Greeks are said to have invented algebra but according to Oelsner, it was confined to furnishing amusements "for the plays ofthe Goblet." The Muslims applied it to higher purpose.

    2. Under Caliph Mamun, "Muslims discovered equations of the second degree, and very soon after they developed the theory of quadratic equations and the binomial theorem."

    3. Muslims invented spherical trigonometry; they were the first to apply algebra to geometry, to introduce the tangent, and to substitute the sine for the arc in trignometrical calculations. [For reference Carra De Vaux's "Legacy of Islam.]

    4. Al-Nasavi is the author of Almugna Fil Hissab Al-Kindi" short extracts of which were published by F. Woepeke in the journal Asiatique in 1863. His arithmetic explains the division of fractions and the extraction of square and cubic roots in an almost modern manner. He introduces the decimal system in place of sexagesimal system.

    5. "Abu Zakariya Muhammad Al-Hissar who probably lived in the 12th century A.D. is the author of "Kitab-ussaghir-fil-hissab." One of his important sections was translated and published by H. Suter in 1901. Al-Hissar was the first mathematician who started writing fractions in their present form with a horizontal line. A commentary on his treatise on arithmetic, written by Ibn al-Banna, gained much popularity and was published in French by A. Marre in 1864 and reprinted in Rome in 1865."

    6. Al-Khwarizmi is considered the founder of Algebra and developed it to an exceptionally high degree. He also gives geometric solutions of quadratic equations. Robert Chester was the first to translate his book into Latin in 1145 A.D. which introduced Algebra into Europe. "In the 18th century Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa...says he owed a great deal to the Arabs...Leonardo enumerates the sixcases of quadratic equations just as Al-Khwarizmi gives them." Khwarizmi's trigonometric
    tables which deal with the sine and tangent were translated into Latin by Adelard of Bath.

    7. Omar Khayyam wrote a book called "Mushkilat-i-Hisab" dealing with complicated arithmetic problems, which has been preserved in Munich (Germany). A greater part of his work to devoted to "cubic equations and his work includes an "admirable classification of equations based on the number and different terms which they include. He recognizes thirteen terms different forms of cubic and quadratic equations by the conic section method..."

    8. Abul Kamil improved upon the work of Khwarizmi. "He dealt with quadratic equations,multiplication and division of algebraic qualities, additions and subtractions of radicals and the algebraic
    treatment of pentagons and decagons."

    9. Abu Bakr Karkhi wrote a treatise on algebra known as "Al-Fakhri." It was published by Woepeke in Paris in 1853 A.D.

    10. Famous brothers Muhammad, Ahmad and Hasan, sons of Musa bin Shakir wrote an excellent book on geometry which was translated into Latin by Gerard of Cremona, and into German by M. Kurtaza.

  4. hey! I checked out the forever 21 bag I have at home and there's no bible verse printed on it! (I'm actually secretly disappointed that Kuwait got to them.. lol)

    I wonder if this is the case with all their bags outside of the US.

  5. Interesting indeed, I wonder if the company who brought the store here had any idea of the writing? I'm not sure if it's Al Shaya or someone else.

  6. Mr. Idiot speaking - Agreed that you are very smart and I am a Idiot - All those 10 great things are actually great advances in mathematics and I have to admit that but can you tell me 10 great things that have come like that in the last 50 years. Some great invention or technology or brand or product

  7. Google is amazing, you will have all of your quations magically answered when you hit the search button :P


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