Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ace Hardware in Egaila

My sister took me to Ace Hardware in Egaila, next to Bairaq Mall. The building that has AlGhanim in it, Ace is in the basement. We were there for over an hour looking at all of the cool stuff, it's one of my new favorite stores to visit. All kinds of items, from tools to candles, most from the USA. They did include some local products so beware when you see the bed linens, they are local not imported.

 I remember these pools from my youth, everyone had a blue plastic pool during the summer.
 Animal products

 I'm loving the zebra striped tool box!
I guess some guys would think a chic is weird if she gets excited over electric tools and automotive accessories but I'm unique.


  1. Have you been to Ace Hardware in AlRai in Shuwaikh? shopping there is a joy

  2. We would go to ACE about once a week to stock up on pet supplies and when I needed to feel 'American'. When you're in that part of the world ACE really can fill that homesick gap :)

    I'm like you... I can spend an entire day in Home Depot!

  3. Yeah I was like....oooh power tools, ooooh tool boxes.....lol I would probably freak out guys...lol


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