Friday, June 20, 2014

The Gate Mall - Egaila (Update)

I finally made it to The Gate Mall and it's very impressive. It has six levels of shopping with name brand stores and some stores I've never heard of. There's an H&M, Dear and Deer, MAC, Polo, Mango and Zara Home to name a few but I didn't see any high end stores as of yet. Currently there is only one entrance open and the parking in the middle is a nightmare so be careful or you will end up getting blocked!

 Once you go upstairs you realize how low the golden designed ceiling is.

It got warmer the closer you got to the glass ceiling, the upper floors were on the hot side. I can only imagine how big the air conditioner units are.


  1. It's nice to see your blog. Been looking at them when I was in Cairo. Since I was looking for updates for my country lol. Really thanks for your hard work that you put here in this website my friend. Since you need to show the people about our country that we're open minded and kind heart. Keep doing the great work.

    Anyway, at the topic of this blog. I really wanna go there. The place looks (and does from the images I see) amazing! Kinda like Avenues but smaller. Question, does this place has electronics I.E video games etc? And does it have Virgin? Or something that has DVD/Blu Rays?

    Thanks for this blog. Take care and I hope you and you're family have a safe and happy Ramadan. Can't wait to return to my beloved home country this weekend.

  2. Thanks so much! Unfortunately the mall has yet to be completed fully and from what I saw the stores are mainly clothing and furniture. The complex next to the mall has an Xcite in it if you're looking for electronics.

  3. is it big & fun like "Avenues Mall"?

  4. Its like The Avenues Mall.....its also near my home I like it

  5. Don't miss the upcoming ARABIA MALL, near the GATE MALL and AUM university!


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