Thursday, June 26, 2014

Types of houses in Kuwait

I found some great big houses while cruising around Kuwait. Some of these houses are ridiculous in size and some have marble sculptures. I wonder how much it cost just to furnish them?
 This project ran out of money or something, the signs were faded and no work was going on.
 Check out their six foot marble lions
This one is still being built

 This is definitely a different kind of Kuwaiti house
 I had to throw in a picture of my favorite kind of driveway
Egyptian scarecrows

I didn't know scarecrows were used in Kuwait, it's not like they are growing crops.

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  1. I've studied that everywhere in the world Roman architecture symbolizes power and importance. Look at some U.S government buildings like the capitol building or the White House. Simply screams majestic.
    Also, the scarecrows I believe are to ward off the evil eye...


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