Monday, June 2, 2014

Mr Karak

I found this neat little Karak tea stand run by two guys from Denmark, they travel to different expos and sell their products. They will be at Shakshooka market today and for the next two days if you want to check them out. They use all natural ingredients and a special cinnamon for their drinks.

I had their Karak milkshake, it was a hot day so the it melted quickly into milk, I wish it had a little more of a Karak taste but I would definitely try it again.


  1. Mr Simon & Mr Adrian along with the General Manager of Moments Group LLC are crooks. They hired me for bringing and defining the concept of Mr Karak. I worked for them for 4 months travelling in buses and spending late evenings in their outlet One Moment Please in the basement of Mohalab Centre. As I was on visit visa in Kuwait they tempted me that if Mr Karak works they would get my residence transfered and pay me a salary of KWD 500 per month. In May 2014 after 4 months working on the concept… branding and designs when Mr Karak started getting into open markets they (AMAL AL FARES) forced me to return my last 4 months of salary viz KWD 1200 in return for my passport and personal documents. This is how visitors in Kuwait are mid used. I am mentioning this here so all the natives of Kuwait should realize what Kuwaitis from so called reputed families are doing with innocent visitors and taking undue advantage of them. Lastly the reason people with no background in Karak had a INDIAN to give them recipes and proper understanding of Karak. They never travelled to India for Karak. They are nothing but liers.

  2. Sorry to hear that, unfortunately sometimes people are taken advantage of for other's personal gain. If you were on a visit visa I don't think there would have been any way of you getting help, I'm sorry you had to go through that.


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